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Uncomfortable holding the barbell for Squats properly?


✖️ Why can’t I comfortably hold the barbell on my back?!

👉🏽 This is very likely to be due to excessively tight lats COMBINED with weak external rotators for the shoulder!

👉🏽 Try these two movements before your next set of BB Back Squats and see if you have any more freedom of movement in placing the barbell on your back!

👉🏽 1min dynamic lat stretch each side
👉🏽 10 x external rotation on knee @ 4010 tempo

😊 I offer external services to these weekly mobility videos. If anyone is ever interested in a movement analysis or strength & conditioning 1 on 1 training or online programming, please feel free to reach out!

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I work from a gym in Brookvale called J-Train Athletic Performance.

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