Pinching and/or 'tight' in front of hips?

Pinching and/or ‘tight’ in front of hips?

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✖️ Pinching and/or ‘blocked’ sensation in the front of your hips?

👉🏽 Test: lay down on your back and bring one leg up into the chest – do you feel a pinching or blocking sensation (discomfort) in the front of the hip? If yes, this could suggest you need to create more space in the hip joint for your femur (thigh bone) to move.

👉🏽 Banded distraction work will help create space within the hip joint
– 10 reps each side

👉🏽 Isometric hip flexion work will help gain strength within the end range, improving your hip mobility
– 5 reps each side
– 5 second isometric holds each rep
👉🏽 Try these 2 exercises before your next set of squats and watch the bottom position of your squat improve and be pain free!
– Be sure to re-test after you do each of the exercises to see that these exercises are indeed what you need to fix the problem!


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