McGill Curl Up - Core Stability (Part 1)

McGill Curl Up – Core Stability (Part 1)

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✖️ McGill Curl Up – Core Stability (Part 1)

👉🏽 Professor Stuart McGill of Spine Biomechanics came up with ‘Big 3’ Core Exercises:
– McGill Curl Up (today’s video Part 1)
– Bird Dog (Friday’s video Part 2)
– Side Plank (no video)

👉🏽 SUPER effective in:
– Developing core stability (specifically neutral spine)
– Reducing chronic back pain
– Improving core neuromuscular performance
– Maintaining spine health and function

👉🏽 We want to keep our spine in a neutral ‘range’ for the McGill Curl Up
– Elbows up
– Chin tucked
– Hands interlocked beneath lower natural curvature of spine
– Maintain neutral spine
– Raise upper back and shoulder blades SLIGHTLY off the floor and hold position
– *remember the goal is NOT to bend/flex the spine!

👉🏽 I like to include all of the ‘Big 3’ in my lower body day warm ups to help prime the core for stability under a loaded bar!
– 3 reps each side (change dominant leg)
– 10 secs hold each rep
– Try and exhale as you’re holding the contraction

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