Elbow Pain - Here's Maybe Why..

Elbow Pain – Here’s Maybe Why..

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✖️ Elbow Pain – 3 Exercises that may help!

👉🏽 I’ve noticed over the years a lot of elbow issues are a result of inadequate elbow and shoulder mobility.

👉🏽 When assessing your active range of the elbow, if you can’t completely supinate (palm facing upwards) or pronate (palm facing downwards) then you should not be working with a straight bar/barbell because you’re forcing the joint into a range your tissue doesn’t own.

👉🏽 Much like the shoulder, if you can’t actively externally rotate your shoulder in a way that places your hands behind your head and your elbows behind your torso, you shouldn’t be jumping under a barbell for exercises like squats until you can actively get into that position. Forcing yourself into these positions and grips is potentially what is aggravating your elbows!

👉🏽 Remember, our muscles get a decent amount of blood flow but our connective tissue (tendons/ligaments) doesn’t. It’s the rotational component in these exercises that promotes blood flow to the connective tissue!

👉🏽 Zottman DB Curls – 3 x 8 @3010 tempo
👉🏽 Dowell Pronation / Supination – 3 x 10 reps
👉🏽 External Rotation – 3 x 12 @3010 tempo

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