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Drill for Foot Stability & Function


✖️ Try this drill to improve foot stability & function

👉🏽 We need to spend more time barefoot as shoes constrict the movement of our muscles, tendons and ligaments in our feet, and this directly impacts on foot stability and function.

👉🏽 This drill transfers nicely up the chain in regards to ankle, knee and hip stability.

👉🏽 Create tripod foot, ensure knee alignment. Harder than it looks!


😊 I offer external services to these weekly mobility videos. If anyone is ever interested in a movement analysis or strength & conditioning 1 on 1 training or online programming, please feel free to reach out!

Mobile: 0421 773 105

Email: trytrainingwithme@gmail.com

I work from a gym in Brookvale called J-Train Athletic Performance.

Check out my LinkedIn Profile for my experience and certificates if interested.


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