Discomfort in the groin… particularly when squatting?

Discomfort in the groin… particularly when squatting?

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✖️ Discomfort in the groin… particularly in the bottom of a squat?

👉🏽 Test: lay down on your back and bring one leg up into the chest and across the body – do you feel a pinching or blocking sensation (discomfort) in the groin? If yes, this could suggest you need to create more space in the hip joint for your femur (thigh bone) to move.

👉🏽 Banded distraction work will help create space within the hip joint
– 10 reps each side
– 4 part movement per rep

👉🏽 Copenhagen hold will help strengthen your adductors – often neglected muscle group!
– 25 seconds each side
– Regression: knee supported
– Progression: ankle support (longer lever)

👉🏽 Try these 2 exercises before your next set of squats and watch the bottom position of your squat improve and begin to be pain free!
– Be sure to re-test after you do these exercises to see that these exercises are indeed what you need to fix the problem!


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