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The Official 365 PROgram

with Andrew Pap

This isn't just another app. This is a living community of individuals from around the world that are dedicated to one thing: being a little bit better versions of themselves every single day. Real change doesn't happen in a day, week, month, or even a year. It happens somewhere along the way.

The 365 community is one that is grounded in respect. With a VIP Membership comes one-on-one attention from Andrew Pap and the other coaches via our Private Facebook Group and chat portal. You don't just learn from a team of experts, you get to chat with them and learn from them every single week.


Learn various training principles to enhance the effectiveness and scope of your training. I'll provide daily training videos that you can implement as your soul routine or adopt sessions that suit you. Also focusing on movement breakdowns, to my very own training which can be scaled accordingly.

  • 30-day Foundation Programs
  • 8-Week Strength & Size Program (NEW!)
  • 90-day Goal-specific Programs
  • Weekly Live Workouts*
  • Direct Training Advice*


Gain deeper insight on how to fuel your body correctly for the tasks, goals and demands you face. Learn what to eat, when to eat and why you're eating it. Make food fun again and achieve your goals at the same time!

  • Downloadable Nutrition Guide
  • Access to our expert dietitian, Rob Clark via private group*
  • Weekly recipes*


I'll be teaching you methods that I've adopted to empower oneself and maintain a strong and healthy mind. I will share my story to help give deeper insight on how to overcome adversities to not just inspire but to show you practical real-world strategies to use everyday.

  • Weekly motivation videos
  • Insight into mindset strategies that I personally use
*Available with VIP Membership level

Meet Our Coaches

andrew pap papadopoulos ahtlete

Andrew Pap

Founder, Athlete, & Trainer

Robbie Clark functional dietitian

Robbie Clark

Functional Dietitian

Lou McCallum Strength Coach

Lou McCallum

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Community Member Feedback

"I've never felt stronger and fitter and more confident in myself."
Ange S.
"The constant support from the community is something that really resonates with me."
Robert N.
"Whether you're a trainer or just looking to be trained yourself, I can't recommend The 365 Program enough."
Sean B.
"I started out thinking I would just use it to get me through isolation but, it far exceeded my expectations!"
Susan M.